Dancehall Origins promotes and supports dancers, teachers and performers from Jamaica to share their practice in the UK.

As an advocate for Dancehall history and culture, we aim to increase cultural awareness and appreciation of the form by providing opportunities for UK dancers to connect with Dancehall Originators.

Stay tuned for details on upcoming events in 2018.

The Artists

Since our first event in October 2016, Dancehall Origins has been honoured to invite six world renowned artists from Jamaica to lead workshops and lectures here in the UK.

Latonya Style’s European Tours are managed by:

Dancehall Origins 3rd Edition was the first time Latonya Style had ever taught in the UK.

Latonya Style is undeniably one of Jamaica’s most renowned and distinguished Dance Instructors. Her objective is to preserve, promote and protect authentic Jamaican Dancehall.

She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dance Jamaica (DanceJa Movement) a Talent/Entertainment Organisation which portrays the culture of Jamaica and its vibrant people. Dance JA facilitates the training and development of Jamaica’s local talent, as well as providing an environment that uplifts Dancehall dance techniques.

Ms. Style has worked with key artists, including: Sean Kingston, Cecile, Mr. Vegas, RDX, Elephant Man, Sizzla, Patra, Spice, Beenie Man, Charly Black, Aidonia, Busy Signal and many more.

Latonya has developed a series of over 60 original steps, through which she has stamped her signature style on the industry – infusing her classy, sexy movements with the unapologetically raw dancehall ideology, to create what she calls her ‘Stylish Moves’. Steps include:

  • Original Rude Girl
  • Jiggle It
  • Nuff Respek
  • Pretty Wine
  • Clap Yuhself
  • Leggings
  • QT-Booty
  • Versatile
  • Xcuse Mi Plz

Check out Latonya’s Instagram and the Dance JA YouTube channel.

Dancehall Origins Special Edition in September 2017 was the first time Stacy Xpressionz had taught in the UK.

Stacy-Ann Facey is a founding member and principal dancer of world renowned Dance Xpressionz. She holds an Associate Degree in Performing Arts and is a proud Dancehall Specialist.

Stacy Xpressionz has won numerous awards, including:

  • Nipples Tuesdays Hottest Female Dance Group 2016
  • Uptown Mondays Best Female Dance Group 2016
  • Weddy Weddy Best Female Dance Group 2016
  • Dance JA Online Award for Dance Group of the Year 2011-12

In 2010, Stacy was appointed Production Manager for Dance Xpressionz. She is also an original member of #teamspice, undertaking promotion and overseas tours to critical acclaim.

Stacy Xpressionz is creator of a number of key female Dancehall steps, namely:

  • Best Friend
  • Sight and Wine
  • One Knock
  • Lif’ It Up
  • Punch
  • Work Out

Check out her Instagram page here and Dance Xpressionz YouTube channel here

Stacy Xpressionz

Global Bob

Dancehall Origins is proud to be the exclusive host and promoter for Global Bob in the UK. After organising his first ever UK workshop and lecture in October 2016, we were thrilled to invite him back to London for our 2nd Edition in March 2017. He returned to London by popular demand for our 3rd Edition in November 2017.

Born and raised in Kingston Jamaica, Chad ‘Global Bob’ Torrington has forged an international career in Dancehall, performing cultural duties in over 20 countries around the world.

Celebrated for his grooving style, encapsulating the spirit of his mentor Father Bogle aka. Mr Wacky, Global Bob was given his first stage name ‘Dancer Spongebob’ by Bogle himself.

Global Bob has appeared in music videos for top artists including: Voicemail, Konshens, Mr. Vegas, M.I.A, Versatile, Brick & Lace, Bob Sinclair & Dollar Man, Cecile and Murda Medley.

He has also won prestigious awards for his work, including:

  • 2013 Favourite Dancehall Teacher from Jamaica, DanceJA Awards
  • 2012 Best Male International Dancer of the Year,
  • 2012 Jamaica’s Certificate of Recognition for Invaluable Work in Dancehall
  • 2011 Jamaica’s Most Outstanding Dancer of the Year (2010)

Check out his Instagram page here and his YouTube channel here.

Dancehall Origins 2nd Edition in March 2017 was the first time Stacia Fya had taught in the UK.

Stacia ‘Fya’ Edwards, born in Kingston Jamaica, is devoted to the street styles of dance. For more than a decade, she has been practising and teaching Dancehall, Reggae, Traditional and Afrocentric Dance and considers herself 100% street certified. Stacia is the longest standing Female Dancehall Veteran and is the founder of the group Vibe Ihatas, who won the first Dancin Dynamite Competition in 2006.

Stacia Fya has worked with key artists including: Patra, Shabba Ranks, Busy Signal, Bounty Killer, Sizzla, Cecile, Lady Saw, Gyptian and Nicki Minaj.

Stacia is one of the most sought-after dancers and choreographers in Jamaica and has developed her own concept called ‘Confidence Dancehall’ to empower female dancers. She is a key member of Dance JA and shares their unified mission to educate the world about Jamaican Dancehall while preserving its authenticity.

Stacia Fya is creator of a number of key female Dancehall steps, namely:

  • Fabulus
  • Tek it
  • Kantankarus
  • I-Bless
  • Snake Charmer
  • Confidence

Check out the Dance JA YouTube channel here.

Stacia Fya

Stacia Fya’s European tours are  managed by:



Dancehall Origins was excited to invite Crazyhype to London for our 2nd Edition in March 2017, nine years since his last workshop in the UK.

Michael ‘Crazyhype’ Graham, was born in St. Catherine Jamaica then moved to Kingston, where he met the Legend Mr.Wacky – who welcomed him into the Dancehall world.

Bringing new creative ideas to the Dancehall scene, Crazyhype is considered a Dancehall Pioneer. He is Founder and CEO of M.O.B. (Men Of Business) Dance Group, which now consists of Crazyhype, Cojo, Cash, Tom and Unknown.

In 2007 the group (M.O.B) entered the JCDC World Reggae Dance Championship and came out victorious, after which Crazyhype and M.O.B became household names across Jamaica.

Crazyhype has shared Dancehall culture around the world including Brazil, Russia, USA and across Europe.

He has appeared in music videos for renowned artists including: Shaggy, Cecile, Major Lazer, M.I.A, Pharell Williams, RDX, Future Fambo, Elephant Man and Oceana.

Crazyhype is also creator of a number of popular Dancehall steps, including:

  • Calm Dem Down
  • Paper Note
  • Mi Nuh Know
  • Master Piece
  • Wi Nuh C Dem
  • MVP
  • Wacky Skelly
  • Praise The Lord
  • PiCatchU

Check out his Instagram and Youtube channel.

Dancehall Origins 1st Edition in October 2016 was the first time Shelly Xpressionz had taught in the UK.

Shelly-Ann Callum is a founding member, principal dancer and choreographer for her company Dance Xpressionz – formed 16 years ago in Kingston, Jamaica.  Holder of an Associate degree in Performing Arts (majoring in dance), Shelly taught at a high school for six years before committing to performing full time.

Shelly Xpressionz has worked with key artists including: Shaggy, Rick Rock, Mr. Vegas, T.O.K, Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, Baby Cham, RDX and Spice.

In 2010, Shelly was appointed Operations Manager for Dance Xpressionz.  She is also a member of  #teamSpice, undertaking promotion and overseas tours for the artist Spice who recently performed at Red Bull’s Culture Clash with Mixpak.

Shelly Xpressionz is creator of a number of key female Dancehall steps, namely:

  • Shelly Bounce
  • Jockey
  • Tight Squeeze
  • Rude Wine
  • Big and Nasty
  • Tender Touch
  • Skettel
  • Gwaan Wid Yuh Self

Check out Dance Xpressionz YouTube channel here

Shelly Xpressionz

Past Events

Dancehall Origins 1st Edition, 15 October 2016

Our 1st Edition took place in Chalk Farm, London with invited artists Global Bob and Shelly ‘First Lady’ Xpressionz direct from Jamaica. This was the first time either artist had ever taught in the UK.

Global Bob began the day with a 1.5hr workshop, taking us back to old skool Dancehall with steps including urkle, zip it up and world dance. This led us on to a 45min lecture led by Global Bob, sharing insight into Dancehall history and culture based on his own research and lived experiences in the Dancehall space.

Shelly Xpressionz closed our first event with a 1.5hr workshop for females only. She discussed the changing relationships between men and women in the Dancehall space, shared old skool steps including water pumpee and go go whine, before taking us to present day with her latest choreography for female Dancehall musician Spice.

Check out our highlights video below!

Dancehall Origins 2nd Edition, 18 March 2017

Our 2nd Edition returned to Chalk Farm in North London and was a clear development from our first event in October 2016. Building on this success, we saw an increase of 49% in participant numbers, we had Dancehall on the Big Screen and we were able to connect with more teachers/instructors – some travelling from Sheffield, Birmingham and even Italy to take part.

Global Bob started the day with a 45min lecture, setting the tone for the day by sharing cultural knowledge – rooted in Dancehall Origins’ core values.

After this came three high-energy workshops, one each by Global Bob, Crazyhype and Stacia Fya, all eager to share and accurately represent Dancehall culture – taking the participants on a unique journey to enhance their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the form.

Global Bob led us through old skool Dancehall, Crazyhype focused on his new skool steps, and Stacia Fya led a females-only workshop that began with mento and dinki-mini, going on to skanks, before introducing us to her ‘Confidence Dancehall’ technique.

Check out our highlights video below!

Dancehall Origins Special Edition, 2 September 2017

Our Special Edition took place in Chalk Farm, London with invited artist Stacy Xpressionz leading her first ever UK workshop.

We are proud to build our relationship with Dance Xpressionz by hosting Stacy, after inviting Shelly Xpressionz to teach in the UK for the first time in October 2016.

For this Special Edition, Stacy’s high energy class featured renowned Dance Xpressionz female steps, including: lif’ it up, gwaan wid yuhself and skettel. Going on to discuss the difference between Dancehall for stage and Dancehall in the Dancehall Space, Stacy’s knowledge and experience proved invaluable for the UK dancers in attendance.

Sweat was dripping, laughs were bursting and good vibes were flowing – we can’t wait to invite Stacy back soon.

Check out our highlights video below!

Dancehall Origins 3rd Edition, 18 November 2017

Our 3rd Edition took place in Chalk Farm, London with invited artists Latonya Style (leading her first ever UK workshop) and Global Bob – back by popular demand.

We started the day with a panel discussion between Latonya and Global Bob, chaired by renowned choreographer and storyteller “H” Patten. The artists spoke honestly about their journey within Dancehall, problems facing Jamaican artists at home and abroad, and their respective goals for the future.

After this, Latonya guided us through basic principles of female steps, right up to her own ‘Stylish Moves’ – spelling L.O.N.D.O.N with her unique choreography. Global Bob kept things old skool, sharing invaluable knowledge, but gave a whole new energy we’d never experienced before!

Five hours of Dancehall excellence! Check out our highlights video below.


This will be a day I shall never forget in my Dancehall journey. Today’s sharing by one of the best in my personal opinion.

The sharing of roots, foundation of JA culture and knowledge about some of the most epic dancers/leaders in Dancehall provided by this King Global Bob. Thank you for the intimate knowledge. It was an honour.

Big up Dancehall Origins for organising and providing this platform for such amazing beings to grace our souls with this knowledge that will now be retained and shared.DHOrigins 1st Edition participant

One word. Awesome! Thanks for such a great event – more please!DHOrigins 2nd Edition participant
The cultural element, learning about the ORIGINS, having a combination of practice and lecture…thank you!DHOrigins 1st Edition participant
Highlight: all of it! It was great! Lovely people, great music, great fun. It was really good to learn some of the background culture and history behind the dance…please do more!DHOrigins 2nd Edition participant
Global Bob, you made a change in me. You opened my eyes to things I knew were there but never REALLY understood them. Thank you for dancing and thank you for teaching.DHOrigins 2nd Edition participant
Thank you for bringing over great teachers, it was an honour.DHOrigins 1st Edition participant
My love and passion for Dancehall (attracted me to the event)…the possibility to study it with people directly from Jamaica that could give us a deep and honest understanding of it and the culture behind it – I would never have the opportunity to know (what was shared) just by studying the dance here in London.DHOrigins 2nd Edition participant

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